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Valve ball material classification

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The main valve ball parts forming method for forging, casting and so on; the 1. part mainly expounds the forging forging classification: mainly divided into free forging and forging 1.1 free forging refers to iron metal tobe heated billets in the forging equipment (. Below), applying impact force or pressure, so the blank directly the plastic deformation, to obtain a processing method to the production of forgings. 1.1.1 classification: hand free forging hammer, free forging hydraulic press free forging, 1.1.2 has the advantages of strong applicability, high flexibility, short cycle, the only method of large forgings 1.1.3 disadvantages: low accuracy, low efficiency, large machining allowance, formal statement the labor intensity is big 1.2 forging forging forging billet heating call model, put 1.2.1 forging equipment inside is fixed on the die forging machine forging die forging forming industry: in the final In production, the hammer forging mostly adopts steam air hammer, and the most common forging die on the 5KN~300KN (0.5~30t) press is the hot die forging press. 1.3 forging to forging ratio: refers to the forging before and after the billet (metal) cross sectional area ratio. Different methods and methods of calculation are also different. 1, when the length is drawn, the forging ratio is y=F0/F1 or y=L1/L0 F0, the length and length of the ingot or billet before the L0 - pulling length; the length and area of the ingot (Billet) after F1, L0 - pulling out.

2, the forging ratio when upsetting, also known as upsetting ratio or compression ratio, its value is y=F1/F0 or y=H0/H1 F0, H0 - upsetting before the ingot or billet cross sectional area and height, F1, H1 - upsetting the ingot or billet cross section area and height. 1.4 forging temperature A. initial forging temperature: the initial forging temperature can be considered as the highest temperature allowed by steel or alloy in the furnace. B. final forging temperature: the valve parts need to have a strong plasticity before the end of forging, and obtain recrystallization structure after forging.

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